How To Fix Corrupted Micro SD Cards


If you have a digital camera, or a smart phone that is not an iPhone, you can use micro SD cards for your memory. These have become very commonplace, and there are many companies that make them, essentially cloning the same format and size. They range in price from $10 all the way up to $40 each. Even though you may pay for an expensive one, there is always the possibility that you may not be able to use it because it can become corrupted, there is the possibility that you may lose all of your information that is on those cards, yet there are ways to fix these problems depending upon what has occurred. Here is how you can fix corrupted micro SD cards that you may own, helping you to potentially recover your photos and videos, or at the very least, repair the card so that you do not have to buy a new one.

  • Common Problems With MicroSD Cards

If you have used one recently, or even in the past, the problems are going to be very similar. You could end up with an inability to read the SD card on your camera or smart phone. However, when you take it out and you put it into your computer, it works just fine. A simple cause of this problem may be directly related to the switch that is on the card which protects it from overwriting what is there. By switching that to the other setting, which is essentially moving the switch from one side to the other, this can fix the problem right away. However, if it is corrupted, there is a possibility that you can recover what is on the disk and also get it back into working order.

  • How To Fix It If It Is Not Being Recognized

If you have nothing on the SD card at all, then you need to do a complete format. This will wipe everything that is on the disk, allowing you to have it ready to use again. The main problem with this particular solution, although it works very well, is that everything that you had on the disk is going to be gone. In that sense, it works in the same way that a computer hard drive does. If your hard drive is corrupt, then formatting the drive is one of the only ways that you can continue to use it. Otherwise, you will have to replace it, and the same is true for microSD cards. You may simply have to buy a new one that is not corrupted.

  • Using Your PC To Fix The Card

The other possibility is that you can take the card out of your smart phone, or your camera, and you can put this into your PC. You will want to go to the disk management section found in administrative tools, accessible through your control panel. Once you have selected the disk, you can see what is on their, and potentially transfer everything to your computer. This is something that can save all of your images and videos, if it is accessible. If not, then your only recourse is to follow the steps for formatting the disk.

Many of these microSD cards are made to last, but some of them are simply going to become corrupted. It could be anything from the type of camera or phone that you are using, creating compatibility issues with the particular microSD card that you have purchased. You never know what has actually occurred. If it is something that you can recover, you can do that with your PC, or you may simply have to format everything to get it working once again. Either way, you can easily fix corrupted micro SD cards using the simple strategies that so many people use today.

Corrupted Micro SD Card Recovery Software Is Available


It is unfortunate, but very true, that you may actually lose all of the pictures and videos that you have on your SD card if it becomes corrupted. There are recovery programs that you can purchase, or even download for free, which can help you extract this information. Sometimes you can get lucky and locate a business that will have the ability to provide software that will not only do a recovery, but also extract all of your content. However, you may not be able to use the SD card again unless you decide to format the entire disk, and there are ways to do that as well. Here are simple solutions for finding corrupted microSD card recovery software that is available right now.

  • Why Do These SD Cards Go Bad?

These SD cards are actually very fragile, particularly in regard to. If you happen to leave it in your car while it is very hot, or if you are using your camera for extended periods of time, it can actually corrupt the disk. This is also very true of any type of hard drive. One of the most common problems experienced is a hard drive that goes bad, or becomes corrupted, because of temperatures that are too high. However, if that is not the case, and it is simply a problem in regard to the formatting and software, there are software programs that can resolve these issues.

  • How The Software Programs Work

Sometimes it is actually a very easy problem to fix. It is common for a simple line of code to become corrupted, and this can be put back into place. This is done when software programs evaluate how a disk is formatted, and if it can be repaired, it will do so very quickly. These same software programs will allow you to get into the disk and then download all of your videos and images. Even if you do have to delete everything, it won’t be a problem in regard to your content because it will soon be stored on your computer’s hard drive.

  • Best Ways To Resolve This Issue

There are really only two issues to discuss. First of all, if it is something that can be repaired, it will simply fix the problem, and you can keep your images on the microSD card. It is recommended that you always make copies of this by simply downloading it to your PC or a portable hard drive. If it is not recoverable, but you can recover the files, do that as quickly as possible using the software that you download, and then simply reformat the disk. There are so many corrupted micro SD card recovery programs out there, you will be able to find one that is either free, or will cost just a few dollars, to help you potentially save all of your digital media.

This problem is very common with people that use their phones or cameras regularly. That is why these software programs exist. Simply find one that is highly recommended on a software download website, and either downloaded for free, or pay the small fee, so that you can restore your microSD card. You just need to download the corrupted micro SD card recovery software today.

Where To Find Corrupted SD Card Recovery Information


There are thousands of people all over the world that use digital cameras, smart phones, and other devices that use SD cards. Some of them are regular, whereas others are microSD cards. Regardless of their size, there is always the possibility that they can become corrupt. In some cases, you will be able to recover the photos and videos that you have stored on them, but other times, this may not be possible. Here is an overview of how this process works, and also where you can find even more information on corrupted SD card recovery strategies.

Where Do You Get This Information?

If you are just starting to look, you will likely find most of this information on forums that discuss these topics. It might be a forum where they are talking about digital cameras, digital video recorders, and of course smart phones. This would exclude iPhones because they do not allow their customers to put an SD card into the phone so that they can have an ample amount of memory. However, almost every other business on the planet allows you to do this, and there is a high probability that you will have at least one SD card that will be corrupted.

The Best Corrupted SD Card Recovery Strategy

If you are able to put your SD card into your computer, you can go to the SD card and see if you can access all of your digital media. If you can, it is best to take all of this off as quickly as possible. This will ensure that if you fail at recovering or repairing your SD card, none of this will be lost. If it is not something that you can repair, then you will have to format the disk, and this will only take about a minute. As long as you have taken everything off of that disk, it will be saved, and you will then have a fully functional disk that you can use to take pictures and videos once again.

How To Recover Your Information On The Disk

There are certain software programs that you can either purchase, or download for free, where you can get this information. They will allow you to access the disk in ways that would not be possible with your PC, allowing you to get everything off of it before you do the formatting. There may also be a way to repair the disk which is an option that is often presented. If that is something that you can do, that is highly recommended as it will eliminate the need to take everything off of the SD card, plus you will have a fully functional disk.

Most people have to repair or format and SD card from time to time. It’s just the nature of this type of memory, which can be fickle depending upon the business that you have purchased them from. If you are dealing with a corrupted SD card, you can use this information to potentially save everything that you are storing on that disk. Just follow the simple corrupted SD card recovery information that has been presented, and you will likely be able to recover everything in just a few minutes.

How I Learned More About SanDisk SD Card Recovery


I save all my data on a memory card and have always done this. I do this with both pictures and music. Recently I ran into some issues and accidentally erased all my data from one of my cards. I couldn’t believe I did this and wasn’t sure what to do because I never had this happen before. I started looking around for information about SanDisk SD card recovery and this is how I found out more about it.

First, I went to Google and typed in SanDisk SD card recovery. There seemed to be lots of information about how to recover information and pictures once they have been deleted. I was so happy to see so many things about it online because it gave me some hope that not all my data was lost.

I started reading about what I would need to do to get my pictures back. I read several different websites and forums that explained how to do it. I am not someone that is really what you would call technology savvy and it really wasn’t making sense to me what I needed to do.

That’s when I decided to ask a cousin of mine that knows alot about computers and works in that field. I sent him a text and asked him if he knew how to recover information from a SanDisk SD card. He said he did not know so I asked him if he could look into it for me. I sent him the link to the information I had found about recovering the information. A few minutes later he responded back to me and told me what I needed to do exactly and in simple terms.

After talking to him, I was able to figure out how to get the information from my SanDisk SD card back. It was easy to figure it out once he explained it to me. The information I found online may have been helpful to someone that is familiar with all of this stuff and there was lots of information about it. However, I am glad I asked my cousin about it because I may not have been able to figure it out on my own.

I am thankful I was able to get my data back that I accidentally erased. I am going to make sure that I never let that happen again because it really made me think I was never going to see any of my pictures again.

Since this incident, I have started using cloud storage more for photos along with this. Just in case something like this happens again I want to be prepared with a backup in case I am not able to get my data recovered again. It is easy to send pictures to the cloud and I have that reassurance that I will have copies of them if something happens to either method of saving them, like me deleting everything again.

Seven Simple Steps To SD Card Undelete


If you have realized that all of a sudden all your photos have disappeared and you will have to sd card undelete that first thing you may feel is a bit of panic. Whether you have accidentally formatted your card or perhaps you suspect that your card has been corrupted, do not panic, there are ways in which your images can be recovered and here is how.

To begin with you will require nerves of steel as well as a computer, a card reader and of course the memory card in question. Follow these steps to guarantee sd card undelete:

  • Step One

Once you realize that photos have been deleted the first step is to not do anything to your card, meaning no more photos taken, it will not only not store the photos but it could cause the deleted ones to be more difficult or even impossible to retrieve. Make sure that you immediately remove the card from your camera and store it away somewhere safe where you can easily find it when ready to attempt the recovery.

  • Step Two

A recovery suite must be chosen, free options include PhotoRec for Mac and Recuva for Windows. These are just suggestions, there are other options and if your memory card is from a vendor such as SanDisk or Lexar it may have on included.

  • Step Three

The software must now be properly installed and setup on your Mac or PC. To avoid issues later down the process line make sure that you carefully follow the installation and setup instructions from the beginning.

  • Step Four

Choose which files you want to attempt to retrieve, the process will be different depending on the program you have chosen to work with so make sure you follow the step by step instructions indicated on the program in question.

  • Step Five

Run the scan and find out what files appear, fingers crossed this is where you will see some results, this will mean that the software has indeed found your images.

  • Step Six

Once again this process will vary depending on the program in use, if using Recuva select the images you want restored and click on the “RECOVER” button. Select where you want the files restored to, this should be somewhere easy to access such as a pictures folder or desktop, avoid saving them on the memory card again. If using PhotoRec you will have already had to have chosen a location for the recovery in a previous step, use Finder to navigate to the folder and check out what is there.

  • Step Seven

Check the recovered folders and immediately back them up.

It is my hope that these simple steps were not only easy to follow but that they also helped you to recover your photos. If this is not the case there are other options out there which do include paid software, worse case scenario you can also seek the assistance of a professional who specializes in data recovery services.