Crash Bar Door Features and Benefits

crash bar door

At the start of the 21st century, most all countries had implemented building codes. These codes set for the minimum number of emergency exits and fire exits all public buildings were required to have. These include schools, theaters, retail stores and more. The crash bar door was the number one type of door to be used to meet the higher safety codes.

These are doors that allow a user to push on a bar to open the door. The names for the bar include push bar, panic bar or crash bar. They all mean the same thing and apply to describing the type of door that swings open when the bar is leaned on or pushed down. It has a fast-acting release from the door jamb allow the door to open quickly and fully to allow people to get out in a hurry.

The crash bar door features also make them excellent for use in fires. People from the back of the building will typically run to the front. If they do not see the other people in front of them opening a door, they can cause a stampede. These special doors can be opened in a hurry and stay open long enough to let lots of people out.

The bar itself makes the door easier to open than if it featured a doorknob. These doors are also easy to access by people who might be unable to open a doorknob such as those who are in a wheelchair.

Crash bars are standard in many public buildings and most do not pass inspection if they do not have them installed. These bars are flexible and can be installed on any type of door such as wood, aluminum or metal. Some bars contain their own alarms.

These are helpful in keeping people from escaping a building when they otherwise need to be retained. The alarms are also useful for keeping retail management aware of times when exits are being used at times when someone may be trying to run out with stolen goods.

Most crash bars have to be fire rated so it is important to have ones installed in your facility that meet these standards. These keep your and the people who patronize your business safe. These bars come in a variety of colors and styles to match your building. Ask your security alarm service for a complete selection.