How To Fix Corrupted Micro SD Cards


If you have a digital camera, or a smart phone that is not an iPhone, you can use micro SD cards for your memory. These have become very commonplace, and there are many companies that make them, essentially cloning the same format and size. They range in price from $10 all the way up to $40 each. Even though you may pay for an expensive one, there is always the possibility that you may not be able to use it because it can become corrupted, there is the possibility that you may lose all of your information that is on those cards, yet there are ways to fix these problems depending upon what has occurred. Here is how you can fix corrupted micro SD cards that you may own, helping you to potentially recover your photos and videos, or at the very least, repair the card so that you do not have to buy a new one.

  • Common Problems With MicroSD Cards

If you have used one recently, or even in the past, the problems are going to be very similar. You could end up with an inability to read the SD card on your camera or smart phone. However, when you take it out and you put it into your computer, it works just fine. A simple cause of this problem may be directly related to the switch that is on the card which protects it from overwriting what is there. By switching that to the other setting, which is essentially moving the switch from one side to the other, this can fix the problem right away. However, if it is corrupted, there is a possibility that you can recover what is on the disk and also get it back into working order.

  • How To Fix It If It Is Not Being Recognized

If you have nothing on the SD card at all, then you need to do a complete format. This will wipe everything that is on the disk, allowing you to have it ready to use again. The main problem with this particular solution, although it works very well, is that everything that you had on the disk is going to be gone. In that sense, it works in the same way that a computer hard drive does. If your hard drive is corrupt, then formatting the drive is one of the only ways that you can continue to use it. Otherwise, you will have to replace it, and the same is true for microSD cards. You may simply have to buy a new one that is not corrupted.

  • Using Your PC To Fix The Card

The other possibility is that you can take the card out of your smart phone, or your camera, and you can put this into your PC. You will want to go to the disk management section found in administrative tools, accessible through your control panel. Once you have selected the disk, you can see what is on their, and potentially transfer everything to your computer. This is something that can save all of your images and videos, if it is accessible. If not, then your only recourse is to follow the steps for formatting the disk.

Many of these microSD cards are made to last, but some of them are simply going to become corrupted. It could be anything from the type of camera or phone that you are using, creating compatibility issues with the particular microSD card that you have purchased. You never know what has actually occurred. If it is something that you can recover, you can do that with your PC, or you may simply have to format everything to get it working once again. Either way, you can easily fix corrupted micro SD cards using the simple strategies that so many people use today.