Seven Simple Steps To SD Card Undelete


If you have realized that all of a sudden all your photos have disappeared and you will have to sd card undelete that first thing you may feel is a bit of panic. Whether you have accidentally formatted your card or perhaps you suspect that your card has been corrupted, do not panic, there are ways in which your images can be recovered and here is how.

To begin with you will require nerves of steel as well as a computer, a card reader and of course the memory card in question. Follow these steps to guarantee sd card undelete:

  • Step One

Once you realize that photos have been deleted the first step is to not do anything to your card, meaning no more photos taken, it will not only not store the photos but it could cause the deleted ones to be more difficult or even impossible to retrieve. Make sure that you immediately remove the card from your camera and store it away somewhere safe where you can easily find it when ready to attempt the recovery.

  • Step Two

A recovery suite must be chosen, free options include PhotoRec for Mac and Recuva for Windows. These are just suggestions, there are other options and if your memory card is from a vendor such as SanDisk or Lexar it may have on included.

  • Step Three

The software must now be properly installed and setup on your Mac or PC. To avoid issues later down the process line make sure that you carefully follow the installation and setup instructions from the beginning.

  • Step Four

Choose which files you want to attempt to retrieve, the process will be different depending on the program you have chosen to work with so make sure you follow the step by step instructions indicated on the program in question.

  • Step Five

Run the scan and find out what files appear, fingers crossed this is where you will see some results, this will mean that the software has indeed found your images.

  • Step Six

Once again this process will vary depending on the program in use, if using Recuva select the images you want restored and click on the “RECOVER” button. Select where you want the files restored to, this should be somewhere easy to access such as a pictures folder or desktop, avoid saving them on the memory card again. If using PhotoRec you will have already had to have chosen a location for the recovery in a previous step, use Finder to navigate to the folder and check out what is there.

  • Step Seven

Check the recovered folders and immediately back them up.

It is my hope that these simple steps were not only easy to follow but that they also helped you to recover your photos. If this is not the case there are other options out there which do include paid software, worse case scenario you can also seek the assistance of a professional who specializes in data recovery services.